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Upcoming Events:  ASR Superlap Nov 1st.
                           ASMA Motorcycle Trackdays Nov 7-8, 14.
                              ASMA Motorcycle Roadracing Nov 15
                                 ASR Drag Racing November 22nd

Updates soon
For schedules, please check the 2015 Schedule button on the left side of the page.

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High Res Trackmap
Pre Pay for Superlap and
guarantee a transponder for
the whole day below with
      Our 2015 ASMA Banquet is
Dec 5th, 7pm at Apache
Homelands, across the freeway
from the track.

Our 2015 ASR Season Banquet
will take place on January 9th at
Main Street Bistro & Ale House.
This year, we have separated our
ASR and ASMA Banquets as
requested and this one is all about
the Drags, so bring your family
and friends.

Dinner will be served at 7pm and
attendee's will be able to choose
from the Large Party Menu
pictured below, and followed by
our awards presentation for our
2015 ASR Drag Racing
Champions, Runner Up, Vice
Runner Up, Shop of the Year, and
ASR Crew member of the year.
Everyone is invited, and we would
like to give an approximate head
count so Nick and the crew at the
Bistro can make sure we all have a
great time.
Downtown Las Cruces Mall
139 N Main Street, Las Cruces,
NM 8800