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Welcome Ken

Postby Roger@Arroyo » Thu Jul 05, 2012 1:02 pm

Another time machine dealio. OniNoKen joined the boards today. Ken is the man who designed both the ASMA and ASR logo's way back in the day!

Where ya living at now Ken?
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Re: Welcome Ken

Postby Super Mario » Thu Jul 05, 2012 1:52 pm

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Re: Welcome Ken

Postby kz2zx » Thu Jul 05, 2012 2:01 pm

AgencyFB for the win!
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Re: Welcome Ken

Postby OniNoKen » Thu Jul 05, 2012 9:18 pm

What was that, ten years ago? And you'd swear agency was the only font I had on my computer. The mountains and the cyclist took me a while longer.

I'm in Pittsburgh, pa these days. They have all these weird green hings here.
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