4/9/11 Trackday Pro Bono Photos

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4/9/11 Trackday Pro Bono Photos

Postby tonyfugere » Mon Apr 11, 2011 4:29 pm

Hello all, just sharing some Pro Bono photography from the Trackday on April 9. I apologize that I couldn't make it out for the races or get some shots in turns. I'll try to make it out to some more events this year and get a more diverse location set of shots.

I did my best to get every bike evenly, but the wind kept some of you in the pits and lack of focus skills played a role here.

View web versions of the photos on my Picasa album

Download or buy your own prints (I don't make any money off this, promise). I just like their print quality and ability to share photos.

Download the entire day's worth of photos in a single ZIP file (108MB).

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