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Re: Rentals

Postby Lucky13 » Fri May 18, 2012 7:46 pm

Just going back, I remember a new amatuer by the name of Eric that used my old Spyke leathers (from the loaner rack) longer than I did possibly and crashed quite a few more times as well. We take care of our own here. No exceptions. It's a family thing. Some clubs woundn't understand. Savvy?
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Re: Rentals

Postby R-silaxin » Fri Jul 20, 2012 6:26 pm

Thomas wrote:I tried to get the Post Safety Office to sign off on a safety day at Arroyo years ago. As soon as you say, "a track", they go "no way". They get all wrapped around the word track and associated that to racing and that's just not acceptable in the eyes of the safety office. Lord forbid that we teach our soldiers to ride their bike in a safe place. They keep telling us the speed and corners are the cause of most accidents and killing our soldiers. But they (post leadership) would rather keep their heads in the sand and let our soldiers learn on the public roads where countless hazards await them. A perfect example, have you seen the new memo for the MPs and security police procedures for violations to the wearing of PPE yet? They are going to have soldiers park the bike at the gate. Then take the soldier to the MP station to get a ticket. Then call his chain of command to come and pick him up. And if the bike is not moved in 12 hours they will tow it.
Leadership is more concerned about making it difficult to get your bike on base. All that does is make for more sleepers to only ride off base. But yet the organizations on base are suppose to have a mentorship program for all the motorcyclist. The whole thing just gets me upset. Post Chief of Staff called my boss on base to have me counseled for sending an email with my opinion of the new procedures to the Post leadership.
Sorry, let me get off my soapbox.
Good luck getting you unit to sign off on a track-day. I hope you can push it through.

I see for the Brass, ignorance is Bliss. Pun intended... I just moved out here myself. Had the same issues in the Navy. They don't realize how much MORE dangerous riders are on the streets. Guys get home and hop on their bikes, sometimes brand new(after deployment) with no helmets or gear... Nevermind, I digress... Pretty awesome that you guys offer loaner leathers!

I'm actually looking to start doing some trackdays ASAP after my build I just wrapped up. Just need a ride! If anyone knows of anyone from El Paso that's got room in truck or trailer, let me know! I've got all my gear, gas cans, even canyon dancers/tie downs... Thanks!
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