WSB and Ducati going to 1200cc

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WSB and Ducati going to 1200cc

Postby Ryan » Tue Jul 11, 2006 11:07 am

Since everyone else is getting on the first post thing, I guess I will too.

Anyone read the recent article in Roadracing World about Ducati wanting 1200cc for the superbike, and how that's affecting decisions in MotoGP?

It's all out of control in my opinion. Funny how MotoGP and some other series are converging toward 750cc again, just like how WSB started. It's silly. 600's are 600 anymore. They are 675, 636, 650 (In the old Triumph Daytona). it's funny how everyone is finding out that 750cc is about right. It always has been, seems like engine performance and chassis performance are reasonably in step at the 750cc level.

I personally believe that Ducati has 2 motives for 1200cc. The motive they state in the article is so they can compete on the street with the 1000cc 4 cylinders. That's BS, in my opinion. You don't buy a Ducati because it's not as fast as a ZX-10R. They want it so they don't have to spend half a million bucks on their 999, along with big dollars for riders to compete with glorified superstock bikes. With 1200cc they can spend much less.
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