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Edge Kawasaki
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we split into groups.

Pricing is $80 for a whole day, $55 for a half day, or $50 for any date that is
designated as a Superlap event. (green on the calander) On Superlap dates, the entry
includes the half day of practice as well as the timed event.

Drifting dates are also $80 for the whole day, or $55 for a half day.

General requirements.
Must be at least 18 years old with a valid drivers license. Ages 16 and under require
both parents to sign our waiver, or a notary signed document giving the minor
permission to drive.
Car must be street legal, or conform to normal racecar tech requirements.
All drivers must wear a helmet.
All cars must be empty of non fastened equipment or luggage. (this includes the trunk
and passenger areas of the car.
All cars must have ALL lug nuts and studs.