Attention drag racers, Roger and Michelle will no longer run
drag races at ASR and are seeking a new drag race
promoter to take over drag racing operations at the track. If
you're interested please give Roger a call. All of our other
events will continue. We both thank all of our racers for
supporting the track over the the past 21 years of drag
racing and we hope a suitable person or group takes over to
continue the history of drag racing in the area. With the El
Paso track closing, and now us pulling out, maybe people
will figure out that they need to support their local tracks or
they will have no place to legally race.  

I'm really sorry for the lack of updates to the website this
year, we were just getting going when we got shut down
due to Covid19. We hope to be open in July with new,
temporary social distancing protocols in place such as
drivers meetings over the PA system instead of in a group
and other things that will be announced very soon.

We are open for rentals beginning March 15th for groups of
5 or less.

Our season opening Super Lap is now cancelled once again.
We will be doing private rentals throughout the month of
June, 5 people or less.

ASMA Motorcycle Roadracing has been rescheduled to
July 4-5 weekend with a trackday available on Friday, July
3rd. Running a mainly morning format, the races will be
started early both days and half of the races will be done
each morning. We are planning other activities in the
afternoon on Saturday.

ASR Drag racing....We are currently still on hold,
unfortunately the drag races need quite a few people in the
pits to financially be viable because of the purse, VHT and
the number of people needed to properly run an event. Our
actual bracket series will hopefully be able to return in the

In the meantime, private rentals can be reserved at our
online legacy square store.
Introducing the Arroyo Seco Motor Club, our
answer to contact free recreation during the
pandemic. Club members will have use of our
facilities from 9am to 5pm until the end of April,
weekends included with the exception of 5 days
in March and three weekend days of April.

Two types of memberships are available, one
which includes the heated upstairs lounge,
bathroom, and kitchen area facilities.

Members can bring up to 4 family members to
the track with them, and non member driving can
be purchased for $80 per driver trial
memberships during this time.

Members will have first choice of all dates

Packages are available at the

For more information contact Roger at